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What Is It?


Information Technology is the technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for processing and distribution of data. Information Technology (IT) has proven to be one of the most sought after skills in recent times. And with the high demand of this skill, one would think that everyone would jump on the first opportunity they get to acquire it. Unfortunately, even with the high demand of the skill, most people shy away from it, and some hide behind the excuse that “I’m not just a tech person”.

IT professionals are those we see setting up and maintaining the company’s network. We call them the IT guys, they are always walking around with their little gadgets, and we run to them whenever we have a little problem with our pcs or gadgets and we would all love to have at least one friend in the IT department.


  • Purchasing the latest high-tech devices

  • Having an expert knowledge in information technology

  • Information technology becomes more and more important

7 Reasons To Visit Al Noor Island in Sharjah

If you are planning a trip with your family to Sharjah then Al Noor Island has to be on the priority list. It has a different and mystical aura altogether which calms your soul and fills you with energy. The whole Island is backed up with natural elements such as unique plants, trees, and butterflies. And on top of all this, it’s an island which is surrounded by sea waves. So if you enjoy such an environment and scenery then you must try this Island!

However, if you are still shouting after the reasons to visit the Island, worry not! Here are some of the valid facts and reasons, al noor island ticket offers included that one should see before coming to any conclusion. So let’s dive straight into the 7 reasons to visit Al Noor Island.

Magical Landscape

Imagine a land surrounded by beautiful plants and trees that are older than 250 years along with a humongous kaleidoscope of butterflies. All this land is also surrounded by a large body of water. Thereupon, for people who love to see natural sightings then this place is spot on! Although, the landscape looks nothing less than a magical realm of fairies. This is the reason why so many people visit this island so that they can witness the living wonders of Al Noor Island by themselves.

Witness Huge Kaleidoscopes In Butterfly House

A lot of foreigners visit this Island solely for one reason and that’s the famous Butterfly House. Surely, you will see a handful of butterflies all around this island. But witnessing huge kaleidoscopes could be challenging. So, for that, there is a butterfly house that is manufactured in such a way that the butterflies of the Island find comfort in it and make it their home. Therefore, today it is the home for more than 300 butterflies on the Island. Thus, if you also want to witness such a transcendental moment, then you should visit this Island for that.

Unique Sculptures

Although the Island was already beautiful without an improvisation of human-made things. But there was a need for architects who can make the place habitable to visit without distorting the natural charm of the place. However, the architect did manage to come up with unique sculptures that complement the overall scenery of the Island. Yes! There are 8 masterpieces installed by some amazing artists and architects all around the Island which enhances the allure of the Island even more. So, if you are a photography enthusiast then this surely is the sight which you wouldn’t like to miss for anything.

Peaceful And Calm Environment

When you hear the word vacation, all that comes to the mind of an adult human being is a calm and relaxing environment. Also, Al Noor is an Island, so it goes without saying that once you reach it, you will be cut off from the entire world. Thus, if you are that individual who is tired of the mundane chores of his/her life. You deserve a trip to Al Noor Island. The aura of this island is so calming that once you visit it, all you will think about is relaxing. Not exaggerating much, but the air itself calms you that you instantly fall in love with the comfort of the environment.

An Indelible Family Vacation

Obviously, in these busy times and hectic schedules of kids and your partner, it seems impossible to be under the same roof at the same time. Therefore, you need a trip that can come across the bond saver of the family. So, if you feel like that your family needs time out from their busy schedule, then plan a trip to Al Norr Island. It is a perfect fit for a family vacation as it has room for every activity, which includes kids and adults at the same time. This way, everyone gets the best of everything!

Forest Themed Parks For Children

There are numerous activities that are focused on kids’ entertainment. For example, if your kids like to play, then you can take them to the playgrounds. Also, if you want to make them experience what forest life feels like, then you can visit the forest-themed parks as well. Once all the enjoyment and entertainment is over, you can take your child to the butterfly house so that they can witness the mesmerizing kaleidoscope. There is also a cafe in the Butterfly House, so after an adventurous day, you can treat your child with tasty snacks as well.

Literature Pavilion

There is an impressive space for literature and art lovers who look for a place to find solace so that they can draw or write their pieces. It is specifically made for them! It is also decorated with Arabic calligraphy, which reflects when the light flashes on them. It is an open seating arrangement with comfortable cushions so that the artists can make themselves comfortable while being connected with nature.


Suppose one has to describe Al Noor Island, then words are never enough! It is one such destination whose beauty can be seen with bare eyes. And if nothing has convinced you till now, then take the word for it that your vacation to Al Noor Island is going to be worth each and every penny that you spent.

After all, it has got everything for kids and adults, so family time is undoubtedly worth it on this Island. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and take your kids on a magical journey of their lifetime.